Monday to friday

      8:30 - 12h15 13:30 - 16h00



                   9:00 - 12h00


           Before and after school

                   7:45 to 8:45

                16:45 to 18:15


 Nursery Wednesday afternoon

               13:00 to 18:00



      Montessori Colors is a small private school for children aged 3-11 years old located at Toulouse. Under certain conditions children from 2 years will be accepted.  We follow the same curriculum as the french state system but use the Montessori method of teaching.


     We offer an ideal learning environnement for your child. Our aim is that children feel secure, happy, enjoy learning and learn at their own rythm. Being a small school we are able to offer individual attention to each child.


     The Montessori method uses the child’s natural eagerness to explore and learn new skills, as their achieve competence in one area their curiosity automatically leads them to explore the next level. Our objective is that your child thrives in our stimulating, friendly environment and that they develop to their full capacity. A happy, confident, well instructed child enters the « real world » confidently and well prepared.


     The Montessori method encourages acceptation and discovery of other cultures. This awarness of « differences » opens up the child’s mind to different customs and cultures at an early age.


     Our bilingual input on an equal and daily basis exposes the child to another language other than their mother tongue and it becomes part of normality.


     Research shows that acquisition of a second language at on early age is « child's play », the ealier, the better. Children have the ability and facility to hear and repeat sounds of other languages without the difficulty of adults. From 0-6 years old they are the most receptive regarding language, we want to profite from this incredible gift. Our English assistant we speak to the children always in her mother tongue. This language acquisition will be built on using songs, games, discovery of the culture and exercices depending on their age and capability and of course their mother tongue. English speaking children will be given extra exercices and reading. Hearing a third language becomes easier once a second language is acquired. To build upon this we envisage the introduction of other languages.


     We want to awaken your child's creative individuality, music, crafts sensory activities, dance and sport activities will be offered on a regular basis.

Ecole Montessori maternelle et primaire bilingue Toulouse, Purpan, pre school toulouse, bilingual school toulouse.


Wednesday morning the children have an initiation at spanish during 1 hour, they also have sport and english.